Sunday, March 27, 2011

Frothland: music, art, whatever

Hello, my name is Clint, I'm 18 years old, and this is my blog.
For the most part I'm just going to give a daily band to listen to, or piece of writing I thought was cool, or really anything...  I hope you like what I have to say...?
Until I get comfortable with this blog I feel as if everything I write is going to look extremely awkward- even this sentence... It's hard to get back into blogging, I haven't since the olden days of tumblr. Which was really only about a year ago.
All that aside, I like music a lot, and I like to write, although the degree of terri-bility in this blog would go to show otherwise. I also know a holy fuck ton about everything.
So thank's for stopping by San Diego.
PS-this is a picture of a band I've ben listening to a lot lately, Moving Mountains. They're sick. Check'emout!


  1. Awesome stuff, can't wait to see more ;o

  2. that's a cool picture, i am excited about this blog